Team Building

at The Alabama 4-H Center

How effective is your team? Let us design team building programs just for you! Click here for pricing, or here for more detailed information.

We offer your choice of:

  • Team Building
  • Challenge Course
  • Climbing Wall
  • Giant Swing
  • Clover Hop

  • Team Building

    Team Building

    • build trust & mutual cooperation
    • encourage problem solving & decision making
    • increase personal confidence and self esteem
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    Challenge Course

    Challenge Course

    • ground-based team initiatives and low ropes course events
    • no special equipment needed
    • team and group professional development
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    Climbing Wall

    Climbing Wall

    • scale up and rappel down a 25 ft wall
    • harnesses and helmets required
    • builds and challenges team members
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    Giant Swing

    Giant Swing

    • swing from a height of 35 feet
    • harnesses and helmets required
    • builds trust and challenges team members

    Clover Hop

    Clover Hop

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    Trust Building Wall


    Corporate Day Rate

    • $43.50 per person
    • Lunch included
    • 2-3 Hours of Activities
    • Use of meeting facility between 8a-5p

    Residential groups may add activities at a rate of $40 per instructor, per hour.
    Minimum 10 people required

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    More Details About Team Building

    What is Team Building?

    • The following list contains some of the Team Initiatives that your group could possibly participate in.
    • The facilitator has the freedom to pick and choose which Initiatives to use depending on what issues come up with their team.
    • This is just an example of activities that we do, there are numerous others that the staff are trained in and could possibly use.
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    We try and follow a progression:

    • start out with ice breakers (Name Game) to begin participants thinking about what it takes to be an effective team
    • then move on to simple initiatives (Pass the Can)
    • then complex initiatives (Turnstyle)
    • culminating activity being a trust activity (Raccoon Circle)
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    The goal is to learn, not win:

    • We also let the participants know that it is not a competition to see which team can complete the most activities.
    • We let them know that depending on how well they do as a team will determine how far they get in the Team Building process.
    • The more effective their team is, the more difficult and challenging their activities become.
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    General Objectives:

    • Build trust within the group
    • Exhibit mutual cooperation within the group
    • Use process skills in problem solving and decision making
    • Increase his or her sense of personal confidence and self esteem
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    Examples of Team Initiatives:

    • Alligator Pass - The object of this activity is to have the group travel across an open area and cross over the finish line. However the only time they can move in the open area is when they have the alligator in their possession and then only one person can move at a time. If the object touches the ground during their travels, the entire team starts again
    • Blind Polygon - Participants will hold onto a large circle of rope, while being blindfolded. The facilitator will call out a shape and the group must make the shape with the rope. Group members must at all times have both hands on the rope. Once the entire group is satisfied with the shape, have them set the rope on the ground in that shape and take off their blindfolds. A variation would be to have one person in the group that can see but can not talk, without the group knowing it.
    • Pass the Can - Participants will work together to pass a metal can around the circle without letting it touch the ground. This initiative progressively gets harder and focuses on communication and problem solving.
    • Birthday Line Up - Participants will be blindfolded and told that they can not speak. The challenge is to line up from youngest to oldest using their birthdays without the aid of conventional communication.
    • Turnstyle - This activity takes a long rope or a jump rope. Two facilitators stand in front of each other and turn the rope, much like jump rope. The group’s objective is to get the whole group from one side of the rope to the other, without touching the rope. The group may not go behind the facilitators and there must be one person jumping at all times.
    • Raccoon Circle - Participants in this activity must hold onto a rope and as a team lean back and hold each other up. Once the team has successfully found their balance and are supporting each other with the rope they then as a team must sit down and stand back up while still supporting each other with the rope.
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