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Frequently Asked Questions about Weddings & Receptions at the 4-H Center

Where can I get ready?
We have guest rooms which you may rent overnight. We also offer a Hospitality Room which rents for $250 per day.

Where can guests park and get to the chapel and reception site?
There are designated parking lots at each reception area for the wedding. There are paved parking spaces in front of the Auditorium and a gravel parking lot adjacent to it as well. For receptions at the Pavilion, there is a gravel lot on the left side of the road just prior to the pavilion for guests to park. Parking is not allowed on the ball field nor on any roadway. Shuttle service is needed to transport your guests from parking to the chapel and back to the reception area. After the event, the guest would be parked close to the reception site and can walk to the vehicle. You may bring in your own shuttle service or schedule shuttle service with the 4-H Center. The golf cart shuttle fee is $40 per hour and includes the driver. There is a minimum of two consecutive hours required. Typically beginning 1 hour prior to your ceremony start time.

Can we use your golf carts?
We will be happy to provide this service for you for a fee, as stated above, or you may bring your own golf carts to use on site. All 4-H Center vehicles must be operated by 4-H Center staff and be scheduled no later than 30 days prior to your event.

Do you provide catering?
We do not offer wedding catering. You may use any caterer that you choose and no outside catering fee is required for the wedding reception. We can cater a meal for your Rehearsal Dinner!  Please check with us for details!

I am renting the pavilion. Where can my caterer prepare/store food?
There are no food preparation facilities available when renting the pavilion. There is a freezer, a standard household refrigerator and a warming box in the pavilion storage room.

I am renting the Auditorium. Where can my caterer prepare/store food?
When renting the Chapel and Auditorium, the catering kitchen is included on the day of your event. The catering kitchen has a refrigerator, freezer, warming box, stainless steel sinks, dish washer and an ice machine. Please note that we do not guarantee the availability of ice. The catering kitchen is not a cooking facility but is a holding and preparation area. The catering kitchen can not be rented without the rental of the Auditorium because it is connected to that facility. If you are renting the Auditorium only for your event, you may rent the Catering Kitchen for a $250 fee.

Where can my florist store flowers?
There is not a refrigerated area available for flower storage.

Can you host rehearsal dinner?
We can provide food service for a rehearsal dinner in our side dining room at Guthrie Lodge. The meal is priced according to your menu selection from our Specialyy menu available online. You may decorate the side dining room as time allows. The use of the chapel is not guaranteed for rehearsal the day before your event. If the chapel has not been rented you may rehearse at no charge, on that date or any day prior to your event that the chapel is available. If you want to rent the Chapel for rehearsal, the facility fee is $700 plus tax.

How early can we begin decorating chapel/pavilion?
The terms of your rental agreement will be stated on your booking agreement. If space is desired on the day prior for rehearsal or decorating it should be rented to guarantee its use.

Are there lights at the chapel/pavilion?
Yes, there are path lights to the chapel, as well as interior lighting on the stage and both ends of the chapel. The pavilion is lit by sodium lights at night. The light switch is located inside the pavilion storage closet area to the left behind the door on a timer.

What type set-up do you provide?
We will set up our chairs and standard 6 ft. rectangular tables, according to the diagram you provide 30 days prior to your event. We do not have round tables. The 4-H Center does not provide or set up decorations. If you need additional tables or chairs are needed at the chapel a fee will apply at a rate of $2.00 per chair and $3.00 per table. If you rent tables and chairs from a company, you will be responsible for the set up. Any rental items must be delivered and removed during your rental time on your booking agreement.

What happens if the weather is bad?
All space is rented as - is, regardless of the weather. We do not provide a “back-up” space. However, if you would be more comfortable renting additional space just in case, that is certainly an option, based on availability.

Can we throw rice/birdseed?
No, but alternative, non-littering send-offs such as bubbles are welcomed. Sparklers may be used as a send off if we are not under a burn ban. You will need to provide a sand container to extinguish the sparklers and remove them from property at the end of your event. Floating lanterns are not allowed.

Is there somewhere out of town guests may stay?
Guestroom lodging, with 2 queen size beds in each room.  A special rate of $80 plus tax will be extended if rooms are available at the time you book your wedding with us. Prices do not include tax and are based on availability at the time of booking.

How do guests reserve rooms?
When a wedding is contracted, there is an option of holding rooms for guests, if they are available. You may direct your guests to call the Center to make their individual reservations, which requires either a credit card or debit card to guarantee. The Center will take these reservations and advise the wedding party on how many of the rooms they are holding have been booked. The release date for guest rooms is stated on your booking agreement. Any rooms NOT released by the contracting wedding party OR the guests who have made reservations will be considered guaranteed and will be charged to appropriate accounts if those who reserved do not show. Rooms held under the wedding booking agreement that are not reserved by the lodging release date on the contract will be released and available to other guests to reserve.

Is smoking allowed on site?
All indoor meeting spaces and lodging rooms are non-smoking. There are designated smoking areas and ash urns provided in these areas. Guests who smoke in nonsmoking rooms will be assessed a minimum of $75 cleaning fee.

Is food service available to guests staying onsite?
The 4-H Center does not have a restaurant on property. We can provide meals, for a minimum of 20 people, if reserved on the master bill for your event. The meal and headcount must be guaranteed at least 30 days prior to your event. Prices for standard cafeteria style meals are $8.00 breakfast, $10.00 lunch, and $13.50 dinner. Price is per person and does not include 5% tax. We reserve the right to determine menu.

When is check in/check out?
Rooms are generally available for check in by 2 pm and check out is at 10 am.

Can we bring our pets?
We do not allow pets on site, in any meeting rooms or in any guest rooms.

Is alcohol permitted?
Alcohol is permitted, although we cannot sell or serve it. Open containers are not allowed on the grounds or in any public areas; please restrict consumption to the area you have rented.

Are bands or dj’s permitted?
Bands and DJ's are permitted at the area that you have rented. Your performers must respect the times of your use agreement as well.

What items may be rented from the 4-H Center?
We offer a Portable PA system for $75 per day for use at the chapel or pavilion. The Auditorium LCD projector is $75 per day and a microphone is $10.

When is my deposit refunded?
The event deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. Within six months of event date additional fees may apply. A security deposit of $250 is applied to your final bill and will be refunded if no damages occur within one week of your event date. This should be given to the 4-H Center in the form of a check and seperate from the final bill. Any additional costs associated with the event (damages, unpaid hotel rooms, missing items, etc) will be subtracted from the deposit before the remainder is refunded. Once it is determined that there are no damages, nor additional fees, the $250 security deposit check will be shredded.

Please note the bill must be paid in full two weeks prior to the event.

Do you have a list of outside event services?
Click here for a list of outside sources for wedding services. We make no recommendations on the quality of services provided by these sources.


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